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JCM is now offering year-long signing commitments tailored to the duration of your representation. As an official model with JCM, you'll have access to a multitude of exciting opportunities. Reach out to us today to learn more about the details.


  • High-Quality Photos: Submit diverse, high-quality photos showcasing your versatility.

  • Natural Look: Opt for a clean, natural appearance with minimal makeup and well-groomed hair.

  • Recent Headshot: Ensure your headshot is clear and current, reflecting your current style.

  • Accurate Measurements: Provide precise height, weight, and body measurements.

  • Diverse Portfolio: Showcase a range of looks to highlight your versatility.

  • Modeling Resume: Include a resume detailing relevant experience and skills.

  • Confident Application: Craft a professional, confident application expressing your interest in joining the agency.

  • Online Presence: Share links to your professional social media or modeling website if applicable.

  • Follow Guidelines: Adhere to Johnson City Modeling Agency's submission guidelines precisely.

  • Research the Agency: Tailor your application to the agency's style and models they represent.


We value the opportunity to review submissions from potential signees, as it helps us assess their distinct style and adaptability. This enables us to align their strengths with fitting opportunities within our network. If you're on the cusp of joining us at the Johnson City Modeling Agency, share your compelling photos to initiate this thrilling collaboration.

Please submit your photos for review by sending them to:

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